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London Dungeon

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The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon – a uniquely thrilling attraction site where 2000 years of Europe's horrible history is vividly brought back to life. Walk through this chamber to take a detour around some of London's scariest figures, monuments, settings, and artefacts and delve into this spooky adventure of a lifetime. Not for the faint-hearted though!

  • The ride down below

Once you've set your heart on visiting The London Dungeon, get prepared to descend below in this awfully cheery (not in a good way) ride. You'll be hit with a lot of awful smells as you continue dropping down but don't worry. These smells aren't that harmful, or are they?

  • The walk

Upon descending, you'll find yourself standing in a long winding passageway filled with live rats in glass chambers. You can either run back up from this putrid sight or continue to walk along and discover more.

  • The Torture Chamber

Walking along, huh? Be prepared to experience the horrible reality of the torture chamber of the ancient 1600s in this delightfully repulsive torture chamber. The actor there is dressed up as a torturer who will demonstrate for you what punishment looked like in medieval England. 

  • The great fire of London

Witness those smokes still running high in this incredible rendition of the great fire of London. Standing inside the house of Lord Mayor of London, you'll find yourself amidst the greatest fire outbreak London ever witnessed. Of course, the smoke isn't really real, but the smell sure is!

  • The labyrinth 

Danger lurks around every street and corner in the Whitechapel labyrinth as Jack the Ripper is out on lose again. The labyrinth will have you running in circles trying to flee from the ripper, and you'll find yourself lost more than once. 

  • The Final Ride

As you now head towards the end of your journey through this dungeon, you'll be met with this final drop dead: drop ride. The long drop was used back in the 1600s to execute the prisoners, but at The London Dungeon, nobody is executed… or are they?

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